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For the people who would like to hire me, and who want to see some examples of my work. This page is for you. For each project, I will give a quick description of the job, and a link to the project. Thank you for your interest! Contact me at for any and all of your writing and editing projects.

~Here are some projects I completed for Intel. They are all White Papers I edited for grammar, syntax, and language issues.

~I work with musicians and artists. I believe that art should be accompanied by beautiful (and well edited) words that express the creative vision of each project. I say, “Leave the writing and editing to me, you focus on making Art!”

imagesI helped local musician, D. Reuben Snyder, AKA Caspar Sonnet, clean up his bio. He released a new album in April of 2013, it is available on BandCamp and is a beautiful album. He wanted a clean bio, a press package for the new album, and a second press package for his upcoming album Kennewick Man. I was happy to provide these services for him. Read his bio, and check out the album, Identify, you won’t be sorry.

Caspar Sonnet bio, edited by Dylan Benito.

It is said that an impressive environment will birth an impressive artist. This adage is proven true with experimental composer, D. Reuben Snyder (aka Caspar Sonnet). The multi-instrumentalist, singer-song writer currently resides in Portland, Oregon, but grew up in the rolling hills of Southeastern Washington, under the shadow of the Hanford nuclear site. His unusual song structure and haunting vocals have been inspired by eclectic sources, including: Native American mythology and music, 16th century, Italian composer, Carlo Gesualdo, and contemporary, American, minimalist composer Morton Feldman. In April 2013, Snyder, as Caspar Sonnet, released his debut album, Identify, on the Marriage Records’ label.

Snyder is a musician of many talents. In addition to his solo work; Snyder records and preforms with experimental electronic collective, Rob Walmart. The group includes Adam Frokner (White Rainbow) and poet Tom Blood. In 2010, Snyder collaborated with Jona Bechtolt, of YACHT, as a keyboardist and backup vocalist on the European LCD Sound System tour. Currently, Snyder is working on his second album as Caspar Sonnet, entitled, Kennewick Man. Kennewick Man, and two forthcoming albums, comprise a triptych that will pay homage to the deserts of Southeastern Washington, where Snyder was raised.

~page7_copy44Never fear comic artists! If you have a project you need looked over, I’m your editor. I was lucky enough to take a Writing Comics class with Brian Michael Bendis, where I learned a thing or two. I can help you with your text and look over your structure for clarity. I have also written a full length comic, entitled TrainedFeel free to check it out, just know that I am not a professional.

Check out that sweet artistic tallent. The geology crew out there will probably recognize the Horst and Graben reference*. I like to include science ideas into my fun projects. I have found it is a great way to get people interested. *If you’re interested in H&G check this out


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