Services Offered

I offer many services, including: Fact Checking, Developmental Editing, and Reader’s Reports. I am willing to work with you on other types of project needs. It never hurts to ask.

Fact Checking: Is just that; I will check your sources, and your bibliography, for content, correctness, and formatting. I have worked with many different styles, and will be happy to adhere to any specific style–MLA, Chicago, various journal styles, etc. I will edit within the project using Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Developmental Editing: Is a paragraph intensive edit. This what you will need if you’re looking for a deep edit on plot points, voice issues, characters, consistency, and feel of the project. I will edit within a project using Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Reader’s Report: Is a look at the whole project. A Reader’s Report looks at the big picture, including plot structure, pacing, character development, voice, and readability. Reader’s Reports are a great way to guide the revision process. I will send you a comprehensive report based on my ideas of what I think will make your project awesome.

Contact me, Dylan Benito, at, to get your project started!

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