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Saturn and Sponges and Volcanoes, Oh MY!

This has been a fun week for science news. There has been a lot of cool things that have come about, including a big volcanic explosion in East Russia, on the Kamchatka Peninsula. The photos that have come out of the region are amazing! Check this out.article-2313109-196E5DD2000005DC-528_964x642Impressive, right!? This is the Plosky Tolbachik volcano. You can read the article, and check out more photos on the UK Daily Mail site. Trust me, the photos are worth it.

On to the science links! There is a mixed bag today, including:

  • An article from ABC Science explaining the cloud system found in Saturn’s Rings.
  • From The Guardian, a quick video about sending humans to live on Mars. This is a real thing! In our lifetime, there could be people living on Mars.
  • Cool health news from ISNS, tiny nanosponges have the potential to soak up infections and venom in our blood.
  • From e! Science News: There is an upcoming vaccine with the potential to help Autism symptoms by killing off Colstridium bolteae. C. bolteae, is a stomach microbe that causes diarrhea and other stomach aliments that are often found in people with ASD.
  • Also from e! Science News: There are a group of scientists that have found the Earth’s core is around 1,000 degrees hotter than previously thought. Pretty neat.

On a personal shout out, friend and local Portland artist, Carli Davidson from Carli Davidson Pet Photography has a book coming out this fall. It’s called Shake and is filled with amazing pictures of dogs mid-shake. Her photography is beautiful, and the dogs are hilarious. Pre-order the book through her website. How can you deny a face like this? Photos are the sole property of Carli Davidson.Carli Davidson Pet PhotographyThat’s what I have for the week. I hope you all have an amazing weekend. I’ll be back on Monday with a new episode of Grammar Grit. Just an FYI, I don’t have any jobs lined up next week. Contact me at dylanbenito@gmail.com for any of your writing or editing needs.

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