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ScienceSeeker Editor

Hey all! I have some awesome, if a little old, news. I am one of the new editors for ScienceSeeker, which is a great site for finding all sorts of different science blogs. They list themselves as Science News from Science Newsmakers. Naturally, I was ecstatic to join the team. Each week I get to read awesome blogs, something I do anyway, and pick the ones that I find the most interesting. I thought you all might think it’s neat too.

My favorite picks of the week are listed below. You can also check out the Editor’s Picks page for our awesome team of editor’s picks of the week. Hopefully, working with ScienceSeeker will get me to start blogging more. I do love to share cool science. Have a lovely holiday weekend, and…

Happy Reading!

Mummified Fetus Found in Tiny Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus (History): http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/DiscoveryNews-History-News/~3/2Rxh_frDmaQ/mummified-fetus-found-in-tiny-ancient-egyptian-sarcophagus-140512-140512.htm

The Inexorable Melt: new evidence that glaciers in West Antarctica are past the point of no return (Goodnight Earth): http://gnightearth.com/2014/05/13/the-inexorable-melt-new-evidence-that-glaciers-in-west-antarctica-are-past-the-point-of-no-return/ by jptrinastic

Two New Huge Dinosaurs Discovered (Dinosaurs): http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/DiscoveryNews-Dinosaur-News/~3/eGY4K5awUWM/two-new-huge-dinosaurs-discovered-140514.htm

Bones in Submerged Cave May Be Earliest Native American (History): http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/DiscoveryNews-History-News/~3/O-_k7qeYfYU/bones-in-submerged-cave-may-be-earliest-native-american-140515.htm

Marine Reptile’s Weird Body Armor a Sign of Life’s Great Recovery (Laelaps): http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/2014/05/15/marine-reptiles-weird-body-armor-a-sign-of-lifes-great-recovery/ by Brian Switek

New Thermoelectric Material May Boost Green Tech (The Daily Fusion): http://dailyfusion.net/2014/05/lipb-thermoelectric-material-28564/ by The Daily Fusion

About Nanotyrannus (Paleopix): http://paleopix.com/blog/2014/05/16/about-nanotyrannus/ by Penny Higgins